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de Jamie.

Jamie Marie
30 September 1989
External Services:
  • dismantle_me3@livejournal.com
  • LightOfDowntown
This is me. Click on my myspace link if you want to know more about me, although if you add me and read my journal you will find all you need to know about me in there.

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20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, a clockwork orange, afi, american history x, anthony burgess, art, audrey hepburn, b-52's, band shirts, beatles, beethoven, belts, bikini kill, billy idol, black flag, blood brothers, bubblegum, buzzcocks, calendars, choking victim, circle jerks, clash, classical music, comfy shoes, corvette diner, cosmetics, cry baby, cuddleing, cyd charrise, dancing, david bowie, dead kennedys, disney, dominating, donnie darko, down town, duran duran, dyeing my hair, edgar allen poe, edward furlong, elvis, fight club, french, french movies, friends, grace kelly, greasers, greta garbo, hair, halloween, hillcrest, horrorpops, hot hot heat, invader zim, james dean, jewlery, johnny depp, journals, kisses, kyle, le tigre, licking, lime green, listening, little mermaid, lower class brats, mac, magazines, make-up, marilyn monroe, memories, message boards, mexican food, midnight creeps, misfits, modest mouse, money, moulin rouge, mozart, music, musicals, nekromantix, nirvana, obsessions, ocean beach, oingo boingo, old cars, oral sex, painting peoples nails, pictures, piercings, pin up girls, pink, pink floyd, polka dots, psychobilly, pulp fiction, purple, queen, ramones, rancid, reverend horton heat, rocky horror picture show, sewing, sex, sex pistols, shoes, shopping, shows, singing, sleater kinney, social distortion, socks, spandex, stray cats, talking, tears for fears, the adicts, the cramps, the cure, the distillers, the doors, the vandals, thrift stores, tiger army, tight pants, tofu, toy dolls, tsol, tsunami bomb, tv land, underwear, unseen, vice squad, vintage, violent femmes, watching, west side story, wicca, writing, x-ray spex, yeah yeah yeah's, zombie movies